Tuesday, February 1, 2011

People Get Ready

How many buckets do you have at your house ?
Not long ago I did a post about food storage, and using 5 gallon buckets to store dried foods for future use.
Let me ask again, how many buckets do you have around your house ?
How many of you say to yourselves that it can't happen ? Things will never get that bad.
Have you looked at the news in the last few days ?
Weather your a fan of oil or not, we need it to function today as a society, and when that one element is taken away, or even made so expensive that we can't afford to buy it, how will that impact your life ?
When the cost of shipping a gallon of milk or a bag of potato's becomes to expensive, and the stores become bare, or contain food that is priced so high that we cannot afford it, where will that leave the average family ?
Everyone that has been to a grocery store in the last few months has seen a rise in prices, and anyone that has stopped for gas has watched that climb week after week.
When does it reach the point that it cost us more to get to work, or we have to leave the milk on the shelf ?
A few bags of rice, maybe some extra pasta, anything put aside now can make a difference when we reach the point that we look into our wallets and realize there is nothing left.