Friday, December 11, 2009

What If ?

What if the worst happened ?
What if you were cut off for some reason.
A bad storm, snow and ice, a flood.
What if you had all your survival gear together, your food, your water supply, your communication, shelter, heat, protection.
Your all set, right ?
Then you hear your child coughing. You see them bundled up and shivering.
you feel their head and know they are burning up.
What are you gonna do now ? You can't run down to CVS
I do have some medical supplies stored in my famous 5 gallon buckets, and I do have some of the essential medicines available, but when they run out or expire, you need to know some old fashioned remedies that have stood the test of time

When you get low on the cold meds, chop an onion and mix equally with natural honey. Seal tight and let soak Best thing in the world for the sore throat, cough and fever

And while we are talking honey, if you get a bad cut or scrape, honey has a natural antibiotic that can help keep out infection

when you do get a cut, and you have nothing, look above for spider web.
the web will actually help stop the bleeding and clot the blood to allow the wound to close
Bloody nose that wont stop ? sniff some vinegar. It will burn the blood vessels and end the bleeding. Also, rub across forehead to help reduce a fever
In the woods searching for food or firewood ? you may pick up some poison ivy or oak. Make a paste with salt and rub it right off. Common bleach works well also
The best way to get through a bad situation is to prepare for it.
I hate to scream gloom and doom, but with the spend crazy leaders we have in Washington, I am not to sure of anything at this point.
I stated in a recent post that I had put together a few mobile homes for some members of my family that had lost their jobs due to the economic situation.
I had the opportunity this past week to purchase a piece of land adjacent to the one I have the mobile homes on. It is of interest to me because it has a building on it that was once used as a church/daycare facility.
It has been vacant for nearly 6 years, and I have not been inside yet.
I am hoping to get a chance to get a tour in the next week.
I think that I will be able to use this building to help others
I will post pictures soon if possible