Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not In Front Of Me

I got these pics in my Email the other day, and first I got a chill. I could not figure out what the heck this guy was doing, I thought the boy had been in a wreck.

The next one pops up and he is holding the boys arm under the car tire. That's enough for me, got to be some crazy Muslim crap. I read the captions, and sure enough the boy stole some bread and this is his punishment

What in the hell is wrong with these people ? How can you do that to your son. At that point right there, I would have to place the front part of my size 13s in the Dads mouth.

Remember people, these are the folks that want to pray in the new Mosque in NYC

Religious freedom is going to take a pounding on this one, and relations with a group that is taught to hate non believers, it is not as easy as looking around the room and saying " Can't we all just get along ? "

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Say, Can You See My Flag ?

What do you think ?

Me ?

March their ass across the freakin border.

Empty their pockets, make them gather all their anchor babies, and send them back across the border.

And the other " Americans " that are with them that are showing support, empty their pockets, and march their butts across with them

Did you catch that ? I guess no ones voice is allowed to be heard but theirs, never mind the fact that they may be wrong, they may be defending someone that is breaking the law.

Illegal is just that, illegal.

But back to my flag

So I just want to know, just how much longer do we allow this to happen ?

How much longer do we sit back and allow the Mexicans destroy our Nation from the south, the Muslims destroy us from within, and Obama to to sit at his desk, at the highest office in the land, and watch as they do it ?

Is this really who we are ?