Friday, January 29, 2010


My apologies for the long break between posts.
There has been much activity here in recent weeks, and much has been due to health concerns.
I have mentioned before in a previous post about low cost housing for some family members, and would like to take a minute to address a problem with them that we have been working on.
Leaky doors and windows.
Manufactured homes are made with less than the best materials, and with time deteriorate at a rate much faster than traditional stick built homes.
Since we are making due with what we have, we are working to make the doors and windows as efficient as possible.
Adhesive strips along the door frame and a rubber runner at the entry door's edge has helped keep the cold out.
The single pane windows did little to insulate from the outside, so new caulk around the edges and sealing tape on the frame eliminated the drafts.
We found a plastic from 3M that goes over the inside of the window with tape. it is a cut to fit application, and when done, you make it tight and seamless with a hair dryer.
It creates another border from the cold, and a pocket between the glass to eliminate the direct feel of the cold temps.
Of course, we have the window shades and curtains to cover this, and to help insulate even more, but when every dime has to be stretched, and every log has to counted, this really helps

Monday, January 4, 2010

We had just a little snow around here a couple weeks ago, and for a few days the only way out to the paved road was either to walk, ride the 4 wheelers, or take one of the John Deere tractors.
I thought the scene looked pretty, and we did not need anything so we just stayed in and relaxed for a while.
I am coming off my holiday break/hunting time and have a lot to update, so as we enter the new year lets all pray that the Government will be as prepared to meet a disaster as we will be