Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Be Prepared ?

Self proclaimed Christian militia group.

I just don't get it.

I have heard some reports that they were after Muslims, and some that say they were after police officers.

I think the key words are " self proclaimed "

What about this Hutaree ?

I found this video showing some training procedures, some kind of capture the flag war game

I looked for a website here and found that they are not a religious cult, but mind full of family and friends, and closely follow God and his prophesies

We have similar groups around here, but without the military style training. I do not oppose what they are trying to do because these are troubling times, and I can appreciate the fact that they are willing to defend themselves, their family, friends, and stand with God.

Those of us that prepare for bad times think food, water shelter, and then defense. We should also include allies within our communities, and circle of friends that if the worse ever happens, we will not have to stand alone.

I will take the next few days to investigate the Hutaree, and return with some facts