Monday, April 26, 2010

Over Breakfast

As a few of you know, I go out to a small place for breakfast most mornings, and I get caught up on most of what is going on around our county.
I also get a ear full of how everyone feels about our Nations current state of affairs, and exactly whats wrong with our elected leaders today.
Take into account that most of the people that I listen to at the table are over 65, and a few are into their 80's, and still get up at 5:30 in the morning to get a cup of coffee, read some of the morning paper, and then get dressed and drive out to our little restaurant to share some food and opinions.
This morning I heard this.........
Why is Sharpton going to Arizona to free the Mexicans ?
He is not going to free the Mexicans, he is going to make sure they don't get pulled over cause they are brown.
What if they are breaking they law ?
I don't know, I guess they get away with it.
What if they are illegal immigrants ?
Then they are breaking the law.
Yeah, and they get away with it.
But wait a minute, Sharptons a black man, right ?
Are the blacks crossing the border illegally ?
What are they doing to black folks down there ?
Nothing, just checking people that do not look like they could be here legally
Oh. Does that mean Sharpton thinks that some black folks may be here illegally ?
No, that means Sharpton thinks we should not profile people because they look different.
Look different from who, me ?
No, me.

Keep in mind, an older white guy and black guy were having this conversation.
When you get away from the PC crowd in the cities, you can actually see the stupidity.
Preparedness and self reliance will be key in the coming months, and all the money in the world will not be able to help these idiots when it all comes crashing down on them.

Don't let these manipulating prophets take you down a path to self destruction, remember, family, friends, and community first.

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  1. You have terrific insight and gave us a glimpse of how uninformed many people really are. It is a bit scary to know these sentiments actually exist.