Monday, June 14, 2010

Is This Where It Started ?

Is this where it all started ? The hate for America ? The hate for freedom, and independence ?
Is this where the idea that people were just to commune with nature and allow the Government to provide for them ?
I have to scratch my head as I watch and listen to all the peace and love talk, and then watch just how radical some of these people were

I still have a hard time with the fact that those people are allowed to walk the street free to do and say as they please, with no remorse for anything.

Did you get that one part about the so called counter revolution ? Did you hear about how they could be re-educated or eliminated ?
How many reading this are thinking " WTF ? This was back in the 70's, this stuff is in the past "
Ya think ?

You know, there are a lot of people that are not sorry for destroying other peoples lives, and many are either in jail or dead. Ayers is not done with his radical agenda, and the other's that threw down the daisies for neckties are not done either
We are the counter revolution that the radicals were speaking of, and the front line of the attack is the calm, cool, and peaceful people that are at the town hall meetings, and protest marches, and tea party events, and sadly enough, the ones getting hit and punched, and victimized buy the hired thugs of the left.
The radicals have seen our first wave, our front line, Do they know whats waiting for them when they decide to re-educate or exterminate us ?
Are you prepared ?


  1. Yes, that's where it started. They were angry at 'the man' (Nixon). They were the 'radicals'. Now, they are 'the man'. Obama, Ayers, The Unions. (THANK YOU GLENN BECK).

    We better be prepared. These people won't go quietly.

    I must disagree on one point. They haven't seen 'our first wave'.

    More like a warning shot over the bow!


  2. You are lumping hippie love with radical and violent uprising. The two were distinctly different movements.

    Where it started? The hate for America and for Freedom? Wow! Seems to me that is where freedom was championed and those who claimed to champion America while doing it damage ("representatives"-from the left and right) were challenged.

    It must have been those damn hippies and not the insider-trading, corporation-forming, food-patenting, drug-pushing, war-loving, imperialistic capitalists who have reinstated usury, stolen citizens' land, water and resources, ignored our inalienable rights, poisoned our environment, murdered our brothers for profit while turning the world against us.

    If we continue to put it into right and left, we will find ourselves lost. Those who are in power want to keep the argument left and right, not reason. Your blog seems to want to grant them a continuation of power through that division.

    Let's not forget that Jesus was a radical leftist who was executed by a right-wing government who thought of him as a hippie dissident.