Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not In Front Of Me

I got these pics in my Email the other day, and first I got a chill. I could not figure out what the heck this guy was doing, I thought the boy had been in a wreck.

The next one pops up and he is holding the boys arm under the car tire. That's enough for me, got to be some crazy Muslim crap. I read the captions, and sure enough the boy stole some bread and this is his punishment

What in the hell is wrong with these people ? How can you do that to your son. At that point right there, I would have to place the front part of my size 13s in the Dads mouth.

Remember people, these are the folks that want to pray in the new Mosque in NYC

Religious freedom is going to take a pounding on this one, and relations with a group that is taught to hate non believers, it is not as easy as looking around the room and saying " Can't we all just get along ? "


  1. Although there are aspects of Islam that are deeply disturbing and should never be: embraced, tolerated, accepted, or even condoned - not all Muslims are literalist zealots and/or fundamental extremists. The fact is, that even Christianity has been subtly warped and twisted by evil men over time through false and man-made traditions - like those found largely in unrepentant Catholicism. Nor, are those days [themselves] fully over yet.

    Meanwhile, The Antichrist power is behind all of these diverse religious exactions. Closely examine and scrutinize the common symbology within these various paganized systems and you'll notice a remarkable commonality between them. Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, and numerous other religions utilize: halos around all of their images, prayer beads to keep place within their repetitive and meditative prayers, etc....

    Perhaps, you should look far deeper than the mere surface. For if you do, you will learn some very surprising things. It is written of "The Mother Of Harlots" that she is also behind "all other abominations upon the Earth." - *** See Revelation 17:5.

    It is no wonder that The Pope has been meeting quite frequently with these other warped spiritual leaders - quite lovey dovey.... After all, He indirectly controls them all - through their own Babylonish and Jesuit priesthoods.

  2. These people are nuts, and to be totally politically correct here, so are the folks in the Appalachian churches that believe in snake handling. Morons!

  3. Okay, I'll grant you that. However, at least those "Snake Handling Baptists" only kill themselves through their own stupidity... while those misguided Catholics and Muslims prefer to do it to everyone else - whenever their Priests and/or Imams decide to stir them up....

    Rightly dividing "The Words Of Truth" comes from Yahweh's Spirit directly - while honestly desiring to do right by others! It never comes from other agenda driven human beings - who'll do or say anything for money, influence, and power. Compare Christ's own example - dying upon the cross for others - with that of The Popes, who murdered millions [supposedly in God's name]. The contrast is startling, indeed!