Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Say, Can You See My Flag ?

What do you think ?

Me ?

March their ass across the freakin border.

Empty their pockets, make them gather all their anchor babies, and send them back across the border.

And the other " Americans " that are with them that are showing support, empty their pockets, and march their butts across with them

Did you catch that ? I guess no ones voice is allowed to be heard but theirs, never mind the fact that they may be wrong, they may be defending someone that is breaking the law.

Illegal is just that, illegal.

But back to my flag

So I just want to know, just how much longer do we allow this to happen ?

How much longer do we sit back and allow the Mexicans destroy our Nation from the south, the Muslims destroy us from within, and Obama to to sit at his desk, at the highest office in the land, and watch as they do it ?

Is this really who we are ?


  1. It's because half the country has been bred into something other than AMERICAN. Call it Liberal, Progressive, Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Anarchist---WHATEVER.

    98% of Politicians from Local to Federal, are spineless, gutless, ball-less, clueless---WHO CARES PICK ONE.

    The other side will not stop. The other 50% of the country needs to decide whats important, and quick.


  2. I wonder what the Muslims say about this? If this was an Islamic country would the illegals be shot? Just wondering.

  3. You guys should get a life and get out more. The Republicans don't even believe in property rights anymore. They don't want the mosque two blocks away from 911. They think these are the people who actually did it. BTW, what if I showed you that Dick Cheney did it?

    Read it and weep for our country.

  4. I really don't like anybody burning flags. regardless of who it is. it's just so disrespectful. I do think that az has a bit of a problem on how to handle their immigration issues but please, this is stupid and none of it is working on either side.

    Like Rodney King said "Can't we all just get along". and yes I really mean that. go see my blog and you'll know I do.