Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ready For Another Attack ?

Baitulla Mehsud wants to attack the nations capitol
What does our grand administration have to say about it ? Well, our secretary of state says if they agree to play nice, and behave themselves, then we can end all the fighting and hold hands and sing some campfire songs.
These idiots, these worthless, socialist, corrupt assholes will not even admit that we are in a war with people that will stop at nothing to kill us
Let's face it, this administration is going to cause a lot of American people to die because they have a politically correct stick shoved up their ass
Friends, you can not ask now what your government can do for you, because they are only concerned with their agendas and their own well being. You must become self sufficient
These people will come for us, they have been taught from birth that we are the devil and we must be destroyed at any cost
The pre 9/11 mentality will destroy us, we need to remember how we felt as we watched the pentagon burn, as we watched the plane crash into the World Trade Center, and how we felt when we realized a handful of people took matters into their own hands and kept another plane from flying into DC or the White house, but instead, fought back

We must prepare to defend ourselves

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  1. Scary isn't it? I never feel safe when the democrats are in charge. Never.

    Have a terrific day. :)