Thursday, April 2, 2009

Protests Becoming A Daily Thing

People are beginning to show how angry they are, and not just here in the United States, but around the world

People are becoming more informed and can see the corruption and greed that is rampant in our Government

Lets tell DC That we will be heard, and they will be accountable for what they do

This is the information age. We know what they are doing, they cannot hide it

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  1. It almost seems like protests have been rampant for the past 20 years, doesn't it? I remember steering clear of protesters in the 1980s when in Washington, D.C., people in a constant uproar over Bill Clinton and hysteria that followed Bush around and now -- this.

    Here's an interesting thing. Obama once said he wanted to unite the nation. Uh, that hasn't happened, has it? If anything, things are worse now than they were two years ago in that regard.

    The Hawg!