Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Now

What the hell ?
A black guy here in the states gets converted to the Muslim faith and then he goes out and starts shooting our military ?
It is bad enough that we have illegals pouring over the border and act like roaches consuming everything we have, but now we have people teaching our own citizens the Muslim ideas and then sending them into the street to kill us ?

How in the world did a Muslim get elected ?
And for that matter, how did someone that was associated with domestic terrorist's, and preachers that curse the United States, and people with socialist plans get to lead the greatest nation in the free world ?

Do these terrorist think that they will get together with so called white supremacist groups and militias to attack our Government ?
I am not sure where this information comes from, and I am sure that there could be a white supremacist group out there that would welcome them in and get a civil war started
As far as militias go, there is no way
I can say first hand that if the idea were to be introduced to a militia group, they would not be able to return to give a NO answer.
We are days away from Britain being broke. As I understand it, less than 13 days, and when their money is depleted, the paychecks stop, the welfare stops, health and human services stop, the country will come to a standstill
The same situation we are heading for, it is all a preview as to what is in store for us all.
Is B.O. a Muslim ?
Is he a socialist ?
Maybe a communist ?
Could B.O. think we are all white Christian devils, and think in the back of his mind that we should be eliminated ?

Hmmmmmmmmm, his Muslim faith ??????

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