Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It Cost's Us All

I asked all the guys to grow some stones this weekend and return to the American men that made this country what it once was
Kim-Jong-Duck-Dong over there in North Korea is setting off nukes and launching missiles, Mahkmud Nutjob over in Iran is shifting his naval fleet around and showing his strength for his re-election.
We stand around over here while Obama frowns at all of this and does nothing
What can he do anyway ? We are broke.
Broke people, nothing left, wallet is bare, out of checks, Maybe Obama does not have enough to pay attention anymore to what is going on

But we do have some money for some things

Why can't we fix this problem ?
They come from a country with all the resources and opportunities that we have, why not stay there and pick some fruit, or cut some grass, or clean a bathroom ?
Why come here and bleed us dry ?
This is just a thought, but will Americans side with America ?
You speak out about the illegals and people ask you " Did your family immigrate here too ? "
Yeah they did, like over 100 years ago.
I was born here, so was my dad, and granddad, and his dad.
I am a native born American.
In the United States, I think I should come before someone that is here illegally, and I think that Americans should take a stand against people that are criminals
We are facing many problems worldwide, but we have a big mess here that needs to be cleaned up before we can wipe anyone else's nose

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