Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Are We Going To Do ?

Let's face it, the Dem's and their out of control spending are going to ruin everything we as Americans have ever worked for.

The jobs are gone, the work is gone.
Many people have lost everything, and the loony left sits on their throne and will not even look at what they are doing.

It is up to us.
Those of us left that can see that this corrupt and crazy government is putting good people in the street.

We have Tea parties, protests, call and write DC, but it falls on deaf ears
They are slowly taking our freedoms, striping us of our possessions, removing our religion, and will soon come for our guns.
We need to band together and reach out to those who have been hit the hardest.
Open your hearts, open your home, open your closet and help someone.
I do.
I have supplied food, shelter, and paid for transportation for people that are just plain cast aside by our greedy and corrupt Government.
I want to do more, but am limited as to my own personal means.
I think something should be done to end the out of control administration

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