Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do You Carry ?

A Mossberg pump.
I have a loaded one in my bedroom, one by my front door, and one in my truck.
Why ?
Do I really need to explain it ?
I believe in the " If " Factor, you know, what if ?
What if I woke up and heard the dogs barking at the door ?
What if I heard a window break ?
What if I saw people walking around my equipment sheds or vehicles ?
There are a lot of people out of work, many hungry, homeless, and desperate people that have no other choice but to take something.
It has not happened to me yet, knock on wood, but it is happening around me.
God knows I would open my home and pantry to anyone in need, but a desperate person is like an injured or caged animal

A 45
Fits in my belt clip and under my shirt real nice.
Never had a reason to use it, and has never been pointed at anyone
Do I need it ?
I think today more than ever

Too many what ifs to list here, but in these times we all need to prepare for the worst, and not just muggers or thieves.
Maybe it is time to prepare for the extremists
Some say that I am an extremest, a big right wing, gun toting loon.
But hate, and prejudice can cause many to become extremists
Watch this......

No arrests, and no one saw a thing
Real convenient.
Because of what the attackers said, would that not be called a " Hate Crime " ?
I do not want to put out that blacks are bad, because there are many groups here in the United States that are supporting hate against people different from themselves
My feelings, and many of the other people that live in my area, white, black, brown, and whatever have a live and let live attitude.
BUT, and there is always a but,
These views, the hate that is surrounding those people spreads like a virus, and can pop up at anytime.

Civil unrest.
It could happen, or it has already started ?


  1. The story about the family in Arkansas getting beat down because of their color was deplorable. I hope that they are able to eventually catch some of the thugs that did that. As far as the second video, well consider the source. Glenn Beck is by most accounts a certified idiot. I love to listen to people from all different political backgrounds, which is why I read your blog. But Glenn Beck is a mess! lol Also, even though you are conservative and I am more liberal, I appreciate the fact that you leave tasteful and polite comments on my blog. Keep up the good blogging!

  2. This is absolutely a hate crime. I feel so badly for the people attacked. People with racist sentiments come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages (or so it seems). I hope they catch the kids who did this. I don't know what you would do with a nine or ten year old (who has obviously been negatively influenced), but the older ones should be dealt with. I did not know about this incident, thanks for posting.