Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are You Ready ?

Look, it's bad, and it's only going to get worse.
Obama said recently that we were headed for a double dip recession.
Many Americans are on unemployment, and are about to run out of benefits, if they have not already.
Those that are still working, are they still going to have a job next week, next month or next year ?
Until the radicals in Washington get their pink slips and get sent home, it could be a hard ride for those of us that work for what we have.
I personally have purchased a piece of land that had 2 wells on the property. I found 3 single wide trailers and had them moved there and working with a cousin and a brother in law to get them set up so that they and their families could have a place to live.
I am hoping to do the same with the third, and I am on the lookout for more mobile homes.
Now the shelter part is a huge relief to someone that has lost their home due to unemployment, but what about food ?
Here is what I have been doing,
Going to Home Depot and buying buckets

The buckets are perfect storage containers for bulk food items, and here in a farming area, food is easy to find.

For example, many farmers are cutting soybeans now, and I filled 6 of my 5 gallon buckets Monday night for $20.00.
That is a lot of food if there are no stores, or no money to buy things. It is also something good to barter with
Just a few months ago, I filled over 25 buckets of corn. Some white, some yellow, and some for feed.
If you want some eggs, and no store to go to, what are you going to feed the chickens ?
I have so much put back just in case, and it will not go to waste, because the buckets are air and water tight, and I rotate with fresh if possible
Look around your home.
If everything stopped today, how long could you make it ?


  1. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  2. We could survive for a very long time. We too have done this type of preparation. Excellent. :)

  3. We couldn't survive long at my place if everything went to hell. Unfortunately, we're among the millions of families who rely on the government not to do something stupid.

    I figure things will get really bad after the government can't borrow money from China anymore and starts having to deal with the debt run up from this most recent spending spree.

    The Hawg!