Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did You Hear This Idiot ?

Land of the greed, and the home of the slave ?

Let me throw my 2 cents in about this jackass.

He is nothing more than a slave owner.

He owns thousands of slaves

They walk into his church like zombies and he abuses their minds every week, telling them that the Whites and the Jews do nothing more than keep them in the sewer and rob them of any future.

He does this in his gold and silver lace robes, and his thousand dollar suits, and then passes the plate to take whatever money he can from his slaves.

Then he tells them to go out and be racist's, hate everyone that does well and works hard for what they have, and reminds them to scrape more money together and bring it to him next Sunday.

You ever see this guys house ?

What a fake, and nothing more than an opportunist.

He takes advantage of thousands of people and they just don't realize that it is happening to them.

God does not preach hate, and there will be a special place in hell for people like Wright.

When will the zombies wake up ? Hard to tell, look at the ones that can't see Obama leading them down the drain either


  1. couldn't agree more. there is definitely a special place reserved for those who hate

  2. Keep fanning the fire, Reverend, keep fanning the fire. Disgusting. Even more disgusting that this is our president's former pastor. He's only "former" now that his "services" have been brought to light.