Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cost Of Illegals

This is a joke, and we should all be outraged.

The money spent on these people to house in jail, not to mention the welfare dollars that are spent is outrageous.

When in a group of people the other day complaining about this problem, I was asked " well where is your family from ? "

My family has been here since the Civil War, and has built and paid for this nation to get this far.

I worked and paid taxes all my life just to see someone that could care less about it hold out their hand and take something they have not worked for.

When will this Country wake up and defend it ?


  1. It's a joke. It's a outrage. It's our own damn faults for letting these joker politician/Progressives, have their way with us for oh, so long.


  2. What I want to know is when are Republicans going to address this problem? They ignore it and hope it will go away. I'll always believe that illegals were at the root of the mortgage meltdown by obtaining mortgages they were ineligible to have. It's time for them to either leave of their own accord, or find themselves in tent cities, courtesy of Sheriff Arpaio in Maricopa County, AZ.

  3. Where I live Spanish is the most spoken language. We are overrun with illegal aliens. Overrun. :(

  4. If state governments create and provide social incentives for people to cross the border, they will. In California, we have "sanctuary" cities that refuse to turn in illegal immigrants to the proper authorities for deportation. When you have these sort of goof-ball laws, you get what you sow.

  5. Well, I am glad Washington will no longer reimburse them. Now my solution to Texas problem is send them back. It would not cost that much, since they are close to the border. Then Texas can manage their own border. since it is their border that seem to be the problem.
    It really bothers me that state government is always looking for hand outs form national government for illegal stuff. And blaming the national government for the problem just stinks.