Monday, February 22, 2010

Food Supply

I love having a garden in the Spring and Summer months.
I guess it's in my blood because I am only the second generation to not get into farming full time.
For years, it was just a hobby, and a way to teach my sons how to grow food, but now it has become more serious to me.
I read and hear about food shortages, and watch as the price of food continues to rise, and I have to believe that it is leading to something far worse.
I stockpile grains, like soybeans and corn. I do have root vegetables put aside in our cellar, and because I hunt and fish, we have meat.
I have been reading about seed banks, and companies that offer non-hybrid seeds that are packaged in a way that would allow storage for years.
One company that I have been looking into is Survival Seed Bank.
They offer non-hybrid seeds that are from the original strains, and they also ship them in a sealed container that can be hidden or buried if drastic measures ever occur.
I have ordered my seeds, and hope to report back here when they arrive.
Having seeds, and a way to grow food for you and your family may be one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the worst
here is a short clip I found about starting your own garden plot.
Hope it helps

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