Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lose Your Guns Due To Border Violence ?

Obama is gonna do all he can to get our guns from us, and he is going to use the violence at the border to worm his way into our gun cabinets

If there is one thing that will wake up the beast in all of the real Americans, it is when they try to disarm us

The ability to defend our family, home, property, etc. is our right.

It is just as important as our right to freedom of speech

This clip is a little old, but is worth a look

Bob Beckell, what a piece of shit, but a great example of a Kool-Aid drinker because after all the trash talk towards Palin, and McCain, and Bush, he has the nerve to criticize someone that speaks out against Obama

Ted Nugent shot a gun and Beckell pissed his pants, the left wing is terrified because they know that a sleeping giant is at their doorstep

Ted is not a nutjob, he is a well spoken, intelligent man with the same ideas and views that many of us have

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