Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Do We Put Up With This ?

Running stop light = $240.00
DUI = $6000.00
Not wearing a seat belt = $200.00
Putting you & your girlfriends photo on your fake drivers license = PRICELESS
This is an actual Drivers License from a traffic stop...

This post goes out to the guys, the fellas, the men that will be standing around the grill this weekend with their buddies talking about jobs getting scarce, if you even still have one, and car companies going bankrupt, and the Government spending money faster than they can print it
What are you bitchin for ? Really ?
You little metro sexual wannabes let it get this way
Think back to your grandads day, would he allow this kind of shit to be happening in his country ?
Yeah, you complain, whine about it, maybe even shake a teabag with some other folks, but what the hell did that do ?
Not a damn thing
We hear " Stand up against the spending, Stand up against the bad decisions ! "
Who the hell is gonna stand ?
Today's American man has to get permission from his wife to watch TV, much less take a stand against the PC policies that are going to drive us into the ground
Guy's, we need to put our country back on track, we need to just clear away the little whiny, bitch boys and girls and take charge again.
We became the greatest nation in the world because of what MEN like our grandfathers, and their fathers had accomplished, and we have let them down
Why don't you all make a stand, for Memorial Day ?
Lose the thongs and wash the damn gel out of your fuckin hair. Eat some meat and drink a beer, and leave the wine coolers and lime flavored Buds to the women
Spend this Memorial Day as a man, and lets get the country back on track again

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