Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Leaders Are Hiding

Before the " chosen one " was elected, did he not promise us transparency and open door negotiations ?
Did he not say he would reach across the aisle and bring everyone together ?
Did he not tell us that these proceedings on health care would be televised on C-Span ?
What happened ? Did he tell us this just to get our votes ?
You know he did. Another lie, and another reason to pull any trust from this left wing administration.
One more reason to add to the list of things that show us that these people are up to no good.
Juan Williams is an intelligent man, and I do listen to his point of view, but when he tried to explain Obama's reason for back peddling, and called it a " strategic error ", I knew then he had run out of excuses for the President.
The White House will take a huge hit in the credibility department because of this, and will continue to hemorrhage support for health care
Our nation is a predominately a center right nation, and with a president as far left as Obama and his cabinet is, we are due for a storm


  1. Yeah, what DID happen to all that transparency? Apparently B.O. and his flunkies have learned that people really, really hate what they're up to and working in secret is the best way to escape criticism.

    The Hawg!

  2. After looking at all the lies he's told..I just wonder about the birth certificate..Things that make you go mmmm..