Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Ask, They Won't Tell ??

Obama made us a promise of transparency in his administration
We, as Americans would be made aware what the Government was doing.
We were to be able to read bills, and have our voices heard.
As of today, that has not happened.
When we came out to send a message to the White House, we were labeled Redneck, and teabagger, and racist, and astroturf, and just plain crazy
This message was put together by grass roots organizations. Just regular people that do not like where Obama is leading this country.
The White House blamed Fox News for the demonstrations, and accused them of inciting people to rise against Obama.
This administration has now appointed Anita Dunn to call out Fox News as the muscle for the Republican party.
They have called Fox an " opponent " , and have refused to have Obama give an interview.

I do watch Fox News, and I do check the facts for myself.
As far as I can tell, they are on the mark, and many of the facts that they expose lead to action later in D.C.
Fox stands on their motto " Fair and Balanced ", and even though the host's of many of the opinion shows do just that, give their opinion, they always give someone else the last word, so that the viewer can make their own decision.
Bash them all you want, but it is the truth, they give everyone a chance to tell their side.
This week, Glenn Beck did them one better

A hot line to the show.
A direct line to Glenn Beck so that the White House can correct Glenn when he tells something other than the truth.
You heard Gibbs say he has watched many stories on " that network " that he found not to be true.
Well White House, Obama, Gibbs, Anita Dunn, and anyone else inside the beltway that hears Glenn Beck reporting lies about what Obama and the left is doing to this country,
Call him out.
Call him and set the record straight.

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  1. Everything you said here is exactly on the mark. And, as far as the 'red phone' is concerned, the left may dismiss it as simply a stunt, by it is a very effective one. For viewers to watch Beck day after day, and that phone not ring, makes it difficult for the White House to later claim that something Beck said was inaccurate. I love it!