Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prepared For What ?

I have my backups in place.
Food supplies, water, shelter, communication, protection.
I do this because I think it is best to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.
I had a family member visit with me for a few weeks while he is out of work, and his opinion to all of this " survivalist " talk is a waste of time.
I showed him this clip

He stopped for a minute and scratched his head, and then said that this is just opinion, just wild conspiracies.
But then the smile left his face, and I could see that the wheels were turning in his head. He was starting to open his eyes.
I told him that I did not want to believe where we were headed at first, but things are starting to fall into place.

He looked at me and said " I don't have a life boat, I don't even have a life vest "
I told him he did,


  1. You got that right Bubba!

    It may be to late to stop this train wreck with words, although we must give it everything we can.

    Then, if not, it's God, Guns, and Gold!

    Samuel Adams, was right--When we as a nation lose our VIRTUE, we will lose our Freedom, and Liberty, to Invaders both Externally, and Internally.

    How profectic of him!

    Please come see my 'Federalist Friday', it dovetails right with ya' brother.

    Peace, Love, and Understanding--Elvis Costello

  2. May Yahweh Bless and Watch Over You! Although I am currently unemployed, out of benefits, and completely broke - He has given me: a house paid for, a garden in the backyard, some fruit trees in the yard, and a fireplace to keep warm in the winter. He has also provided me the tools to do His work on the Internet.

    I am hoping that it will one day actually create revenue to justify my investments of: time, energy, and effort. However, the Information Economy is just another man made lie from my personal experience! Still, it is a very good way to assist others in this time of real need.

  3. Keep waking people up. Good job!